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Sinkem Sports is a leading sports marketing firm consulting athletes across South Carolina, Georgia and North Carolina. From an office in Greenville, SC, Andy Sink, the founder and lead agent, provides athletes with strategic coaching that improves their lives from the football field into their professional lives. More than an agent for athletes, Andy is a mentor and connector building individuals into authentic brands that represent character and integrity.

Andy’s passion for sports ignited as a child. His love for the game and team sports moved deeper than the field when he graduated from Western Carolina with a Bachelor of Science in Sports Management, minor in Marketing. Andy recognized the need for a larger representation among athletes before sports marketing was mainstream. As an industry trailblazer, Andy has spent more than 18 years developing a strong network and a comprehensive strategy.

Sinkem Sports is redefining the sports marketing category. Andy has transformed the role of a marketing agent into a life-long partnership that transcends the typical industry approach – a transactional one. Andy believes in more than the peak of an athlete’s career. He is invested in the evolution of the individual: from contract signing to the rise in their athletic career and beyond.
Andy recognizes the value of a trusted adviser in each stage, and he is committed to the athlete as an individual on the 50 yard line and even after the lights go out.

The one with the hands. The one with the quick feet. The one with the most yards carried. Andy grooms each athlete into a brand based on their core values and future goals.

Sinkem Sports provides a number of solutions unique to each athlete including the following:

Foundation coordination and support
Financial planning
Social media marketing campaigns
Identity and brand development
Public relations counsel
Media opportunities
Event planning and implementation
Memorabilia maximization
Life skills
Goal setting
Strategic consulting
TV production
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Sinkem Sports is built on a passion for people and sports. It’s more than a business, it’s a calling.

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