Tajh Boyd

About Tajh Boyd

A Tiger, A Quarterback

Tajh Boyd is a soul surfer, never meets a stranger and determined to succeed. Best known as the starting quarterback for the Clemson Tigers from 2011 to 2013, Tajh Boyd was recognized as an All-American, ACC Player of the Year and ACC Championship MVP. In just a short time, Tajh’s impact has moved beyond 100 yards of grass. He grew up watching his mother pour into the community. Her influence on the people around them moved him in such a way that he’s also found a passion for helping others. He’s always wanted to make a difference, and with his football career, he’s been given a platform to do just that. Sinkem Sports Founder Andy Sink and Tajh have a unique relationship that has already proven valuable to the industry, the local community, and one another. Andy has opened doors of opportunity for Tajh to begin building his dream of a foundation for at-risk children. From the paperwork and lawyers to fund-raising and community outreach, the duo have paved the way and will be opening the foundation doors in 2015. Andy has taken time to get to know the real Tajh – to understand his values. This has enabled the team to align with specific products and sponsors that represent his character. Similarly, the team is executing a marketing mix that will ultimately build upon Tajh’s football career to create a memorable name that starts a positive conversation. Andy’s special interest in Tajh’s long-term goals have contributed to multiple resume building opportunities that will complement his next steps in life after football.

Sinkem Sports is built on a passion for people and sports. It’s more than a business, it’s a calling.

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